Equality scale and equal pay recognitions

05.02.2021 Veritas
Equality scale and equal pay recognitions

Veritas received the Equality Scale award from the FKA Icelandic Association of Women Business Leaders for the year 2020. FKA was founded in April 1999 and its core mission is to bring businesswomen together, support women as they manage and grow their businesses and increase their visibility in the business world and society in general. The Equality Scale‘s aim of a 40/60 gender ratio in the top layer of directors in the company was a point of reference in the evaluation.

The Veritas Group was also awarded the Golden seal of PwC’s Equal Pay Audit.

The golden seal of PwC's Equal Pay Audit is awarded to companies where the wage difference by gender is under 3.5%. Veritas and subsidiaries are considerably under that limit.

We are all really proud of these very important recognitions and continue to promote equality across all of our businesses.