Our five subsidiary companies

Our companies are highly specialized in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and represent a large amount of international brands and companies in the Icelandic market.



Artasan specializes in the sale and marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare products.

Artasan works in partnership with several of the largest OTC and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, as well as renowned healthcare product manufacturers. Artasan provides them with services relating to import, registration, distribution and sales & marketing. Artasan distributes to pharmacies, health food stores, convenience stores, petrol stations, dentists, hospitals and nursing homes.

The emphasis is on high-quality products, and each brand that the company represents enjoys a strong position with consumers. Marketing strategies are developed in close collaboration with manufacturers and each supplier receives exclusive attention.

The company focuses on servicing its customers in the best possible way with efficient and targeted activities, constantly looking at ways of improving. In this way, we want to create a working environment that attracts qualified employees and enables our partners to reach their goals. This is done for the benefit of our customers, consumers, employees and owners.

Artasan aims to be the preferred partner in the Icelandic market for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, as well as in the minds of customers, suppliers, employees and the community.




Distica boasts over six decades' worth of experience in the field of inventory management and distribution to apothecaries, laboratories and healthcare institutions.

Distica enjoys a 62% market share of pharmaceutical distribution in Iceland, while also distributing research equipment, operational products and other materials to hospitals, nursing homes, dentists and veterinarians. Distica also distributes consumer goods to businesses.

Distica operates one of the country's most sophisticated warehouses, specializing in the handling of pharmaceuticals and products that require temperature control. Distica aims to deliver the right product, in the quantity specified, in the desired condition, and on time—and in the process has developed an efficient quality and monitoring system.




MEDOR is a leading medical device and laboratory products distributor in Iceland.

MEDOR specializes in sales, marketing and technical support of products within laboratory (clinical and research), imaging, critical care, cardiology, surgery, wound care, ostomy, urology, respiratory, diabetes care, and dialysis.

MEDOR services the entire Icelandic healthcare sector ranging from hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to home care. In addition, the company offers products and service solutions to various laboratories and research centers e.g. within the biotech, environmental, food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industry.

MEDOR partners with many of the leading companies in the industry such as 3M, Abbott Laboratories, Agilent Technologies, Biomérieux, Convatec, Fresenius Kabi, Johnson and Johnson Medical Device, Lifescan, Life Technologies Corporation, Philips, ResMed, Siemens, Sigma-Aldrich and Thermo Scientific.




Stod was founded in 1982 and takes pride in long experience of clinical excellence, built on outstanding personnel creating a better future for our clientele.

The key to Stod´s front position in the O&P service is the emphasis we place on maintaining an excellent relationship with our clientele and our competent staff. 

By constantly raising the level of quality, Stod will remain the leader in offering excellent orthopaedic and prosthetic service. Design, manufacture and fitting of braces and supports for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions as well as walk analyses and specialty footwear are a considerable part of our service. 





Vistor is a fully integrated sales and marketing company for pharmaceuticals.

Vistor´s value proposition is based on tailoring the activities to the needs of each partner; providing expert knowledge of market conditions, dynamic market relations, an effective infrastructure and highly competent human talent that enhances the company’s winning spirit.  Our main line of activities includes; providing sales force and marketing activities, regulatory services as well as clinical operations services.