Icelandic Minister of Health visit at Veritas

13.03.2024 Veritas
Icelandic Minister of Health visit at Veritas

Recently, Veritas received a visit from the Icelandic Minister of Health, Willi Thor Thorsson.

Veritas defines itself as an integral part of the Icelandic healthcare system, and during the visit, the importance of Veritas in ensuring access to medicines, medical devices, and health products was emphasized by the directors and the minister.

Veritas has over the years developed strong cooperation with suppliers, sought new solutions, and achieved good results in strengthening the supply of healthcare products to healthcare professionals and the general public. Additionally, ways to improve access to new and effective drug therapies were discussed, as well as how government and suppliers in the healthcare market could work together to improve efficiency, ensure supply chain security, and increase access to important drugs and products.

At the end of the visit, the minister visited the Distica pharmaceutical warehouse, where a large portion of the country's drug supplies are managed, and which played a key role in receiving and handling Covid vaccines during the recent pandemic .