Distica, proud partner of Controlant for 12 years

21.05.2021 Distica
Distica, proud partner of Controlant for 12 years

Distica is a proud partner of Controlant and has been for the last 12 years. Distica has shared its challenges in temperature monitoring, with Controlant, both during transportation to customers and in the warehouses. These challenges have been useful for Controlant in their development of software solutions.

The collaboration has been very pleasant, and it has been great to watch Controlant grow and develop from being a small start-up company to a big, international company that services the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world.

In the video here below, Distica's General Manager Júlía Rós Atladóttir and Ólafur Jónsson, supervisor of appliances, share their experience of the collaboration. How Distica has integrated the Controlant solution into its processes and systems, in the simplest way possible, in order to secure reliability and efficiency.