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Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report 2022

Veritas is very proud to present the group's sustainability and social responsibility report for the third year in a row. Last year was the year that operations finally went back to normal after the pandemic. By publishing a sustainability report according to the GRI standard, Veritas is giving its stakeholders a clearer picture of the company's operations and impact on society. With sustainability as a guide, we plan to continue celebrating victories and take one step forward in the journey to change the world.

CEOs address Our goals for 2022
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Veritas' sustainability focus

In 2022, workshops were held with the management of the Veritas group where the emphasis was placed on the company's sustainability issues. Management ranked the issues by importance, guided by previous sustainability reports and environmental policies. Veritas' 2022-2023 sustainability focus is thus based on the important factors that, in the management's opinion, can have the greatest impact on the environment, society, economy and human resources. The company is an extremely important link in the country's entire healthcare system and therefore takes its social role seriously. With these priorities, management hopes to increase the company's positive impact on society and reduce the negative impact. The emphasis was also aligned with global goals 5, 10, 12 and 13. In environmental matters, the emphasis is on a reduced carbon footprint, in the economy on reduced costs due to disposal, as well as transparency, honesty and good ethics in governance and diversity and equal growth opportunities, to name a few. We believe that we can win more victories with sustainability as our guiding principle because together we change the world. 

Cgi Standard

GRI reference table

The GRI Standards are a modular system of interconnected standards. They allow organizations to publicly report the impacts of their activities in a structured way that is transparent to stakeholders and other interested parties.