By working as one to reach our goals we can achieve more victories

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report 2020

In our efforts to promote sustainability, we are pleased to publish the first edition of Veritas Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report. With united efforts within our group of companies, we have now compiled in this report our key sustainability and social responsibility actions and projects. To circumscribe our report, we decided to follow to the international GRI standards issued by The Global Reporting Initiative to get a better perception of the most important indicators as far as sustainability is concerned. We believe that by working as one we can achieve more victories. Bearing this in mind, a large number of our staff took part in this report compilation. Members of the board and executive directors were also interviewed.

CEO address Our goals
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Rubishanna, rubbish minister of the Veritas group

Veritas sustainability goals

The overall emissions from our business depends on Veritas volume of business. Veritas management and staff decide to adopt ambitious goals for their work during the next year(s). 

Smelltu hér til þess að skoða sjálfbærnimarkmið samstæðunnar fyrir næstu ár.

Our past success

We have made steps forward in past years, here are a few highlights. 

Equality matters to us all

Veritas and subsidiaries' Equality Policy's goal is to ensure that all their staff, whichever their gender and gender identity, enjoy equality without regard to their sexual orientation, age, belief, opinions, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, skin colour, economic status, origin, family relationships, or any other individual characteristics.

Dagmar Ýr Sigurjónsdóttir, marketing manager at Vistor (Novo Nordisk)

Cgi Standard

GRI index table