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Veritas as a Service Business

Reliability — Candour — Progress

Veritas group of companies is composed of parent company Veritas and five subsidiaries, all of them operating in the health industry. The parent company provides support services for its subsidiaries. Distica provides import and distribution of medicinal products, medical devices, and health products. Vistor is a leader in the marketing of medicinal products, health products, and veterinary products In Iceland. MEDOR dedicates to providing consulting, sales, and service for high-quality medical, nursing, and lab products. Artasan dedicates to sales and marketing of medicinal products and health products. Stoð is a leader company providing consulting, sales, and service for supporting devices, aids, orthopaedic shoes, insoles, and compression products.  

CEO's Address

Thóranna Jónsdóttir, CEO Veritas

Focus, actions, and business success are of utmost importance as far as sustainability are concerned. With responsibility as their beacon, the business sector can set a positive, important example in promoting sustainability, healthy business practices, promoting growth in our society, and pass on our planet to next generations in a better shape.

Making business responsibly and contributing to environmental protection and social responsibility has been a whole-hearted resolve of Veritas group of companies from the very beginning. Our group of companies’ core business is the import and marketing of medicinal products, medical devices, and other products related to health care services and health promotion. Our nationwide volume of medicinal products and medical devices operations is extensive, consisting of an important chain of Iceland’s health care system. That said, the scope of our operations requires a solid modus operandi with vigilance and responsibility taking precedence. 

Our resolve towards sustainability and responsibility was initially formalised in our group of companies’ 2020 sustainability report. Now, in 2024, we sharpen our goals and indications even more. Acting with responsibility makes all the difference. 

We now take a further step towards actions to reduce our carbon emissions. We have now discontinued purchase of fossil fuel-driven vehicles, as we set a zero vehicular emission goal to be reached by 2030. Furthermore, we pursue our goal to cut freight and business travel carbon emissions while setting ourselves clearer indicators. We are very fond of strengthening a healthy workplace where cooperation, equality, and responsible management are kept in the foreground. Our core values — Reliability, Candour, and Progress — will continue upholding us towards that path. 

Cohesion and a concerted contribution are key towards success. Each one of us at Veritas group of companies is ready to do our part to secure more responsible corporate governance, improve our society, and care for the environment. We would like to get everyone else out there to join us in our journey. 

Our Focus on Sustainability

Veritas group of companies’ Sustainability Report is now published for the fourth time, this time around with some changes in focus. It comprehends both our sustainability statement of accounts and our sustainability report in itself. This aims to make information more easily accessible and allow stakeholders to have a better overview of our non-financial indicators. We also took a sharper focus and adopted clearer indicators and binding actions.

Global Sustainable Development Goals

The Global Sustainable Development Goals are both multi-factored and ambitious, perfectly matching our group of companies’ focus on sustainability for years to come. There is plenty to choose from, and we think we are more likely to obtain positive results by focusing on a few key factors in each individual phase. At this time, Veritas group of companies focuses on the following global sustainable development goals.

Veritas group of companies links their sustainability goals to UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Goals

Veritas group of companies links their sustainability goals to UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.