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Strong financials and social responsibility

Veritas plays an important role by importing, marketing, and distributing medicinal products, medical devices, and other products for the Icelandic health care system. Hence, it is crucial for Veritas to keep its financial bolster to be able to cope with economic fluctuations and crisis as those experienced by the Icelandic society in recent years. Veritas earnings have been constantly increasing throughout the years, reaching ISK 28.2 billion in 2021. At the same time, Veritas strong financial position has also improved. Veritas assets were ISK 11 billion, stockholder's equity ISK 4 billion, and equity ration 36% by end of 2021. Therefore, Veritas is a good shape to perform the important role our group of companies play in catering to the needs of the Icelandic health care system.


*Guðrúnarborg is the parent company of Veritas and the real estate company Hávarðsstaðir.

Veritas rents all of Hávarðsstaðir‘s real estate properties for its operations, Hávarðsstaðir‘s real estate taxes are therefore a part of Veritas's tax footprint